Mastervolt and Steyr Motors' co-operation...

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Mastervolt and Steyr Motors' co-operation...

New Products

The two companies are working on a hybrid propulsion system, the first shipments of which are scheduled for autumn/winter 2011. Yachtbuilders prepared to trial the system are alreay in discussions with the companies. Both companies will be displaying systems at METS 2010.


Dutch-based electrical system specialist Mastervolt and Austrian diesel engine builder Steyr Motors are co-operating on the development of a hybrid propulsion system. Prototypes will be shown on both companies stands at METS 2010 (Nov 16-18, ‘11).
The system consists of a newly developed horizontal two-cylinder parallel-twin 25kW Steyr diesel, the proven GPX generator system (inverter, a three-step battery charger and shore power hub all in one neat package) and electric motor.
Talks with yachtbuilders prepared to ‘field test’ the system are already in progress.
The benefits of electric propulsion are high torque at low speeds, which makes manoeuvring so much easier. The system will also serve as a range extender.
By using energy from the batteries to support the smaller and highly efficient generator at peaks, and combining a variable speed generator with highly efficient permanent magnet, the generator can be much smaller.
The built-in inverter produces perfect sine-wave outputs suitable for all onboard applications, even the most sensitive. Communicating via a CANbus network, it also manages intelligently any shore power feeds and ensures that batteries of whatever type are replenished as quickly as possible.

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