New-Build Estimates: Sail Global 2010/11

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A unique 200-plus-page business report; essential background and numbers for marketing teams and industry investors alike.

A 200-page-plus report including:
● World market overview — demand
dynamics and trends
● Up-to-date A-Z of business profiles of over
150 players around the world
● Segmentation by unit-and-value
estimates in five size categories —
6-8.9m (20-29ft), 9-11.9m (30-39ft), 12-14.9m (40-49ft),
15-23.9m (50-79ft) and 24.4m (80ft) and above
● Overall market analysis of ’10 and
separate forecasts for ‘11
● Prognosis for 2011/12 and beyond

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Price: £2500.00

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