YARD UPDATE ’06: Bloemsma & van Breemen...

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YARD UPDATE ’06: Bloemsma & van Breemen...

Yard Updates

The 27m 'Griffioen' finishing; the 41m 'Valquest' starting.

JUNE 2006

Metal has just started to me cut at Makkum-based Bloemsma & van Breemen for a major new all-aluminium sailboat project, the 40.78m (134ft) fast cruising sloop Valquest. Designed by Ed Dubois’s studio and eventually to displace around 215 tons fully loaded, she is scheduled to deliver for spring ’09. The commissioning owner will handle the interior design scheme for this one.
Recent Bloemsma & van Breemen launches include the 27m (90ft) Griffioen. This all-aluminium displacement motoryacht has a very traditional look, typical of the work of exterior stylist and naval architect Willem de Vries-Lentsch, who incidentally represents the third generation of one of the most famous naval architecture names in Holland. Despite an aluminium hull, which is rather unusual for a 140-ton displacement motoryacht such as this, she is claimed to be very stable thanks to around eight tonnes of lead ballast in her keel. Part of the justification for making her lighter than one would normally expect for such a vessel was the fact that she carries a heavy 1.4-tonne custom tender and suitable crane on her foredeck.

'While single engines are unusual in motoryachts of this size, they are commonplace in commercial vessels...'

Even stranger is the propulsion choice. She has just the one engine, which also contributes to her stability. It is a continuously rated 535hp Kelvin diesel that revs to just 1,100rpm and spins a controllable-pitch prop. While single engines are unusual in motoryachts of this size, they are commonplace in commercial vessels. Indeed single-engine installations are said to 10-15 per cent more efficient than twin-engine installations, so there is a degree of wisdom behind the choice.
Certainly Griffioen’s range is useful. She is capable of 5,000 nautical miles at a 10.5-knot maximum sustainable cruise speed.
Felix Buytendijk was responsible for styling her conservatively modern interior and subcontract firm Bootwerk handled the joinery. Guest accommodation consists of an owner’s double cabin, plus two further twin-bed cabins. Then she provides for three to four crew in two cabins forward.
Previous Bloemsma & van Breemen launches include the 48m (157ft) Reymond Langton-designed Flying Eagle motoryacht in ‘05, the 29m (96ft) Vripack-designed Doggersbank Series trawler yacht Patriot in ’03 and the 25m (82ft) Andre Hoek-designed high-performance sloop Bharlin Blue in ’02.
Owned and managed by husband and wife team Nico and Marjan van Breemen, who took over the running of the yard from the Bloemsma family in ‘97, it now employs a permanent staff of 35, but obviously relies on plenty of additional subcontract labour. Yard capacity would be around 65m (213ft), which is the length of its largest hall that was constructed for the Flying Eagle project.

For more, www.bloemsma-vanbreemen.nl.

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