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Burgeoning ’brand train’; Technemas, InCRedibles, Italcraft, Dinaos, Santas, Parisi and BATs… October 2007

InRizzardi is a relatively new identity for a now fast-growing boatbuilding group.
It all started with Cantieri Navali Rizzardi composite motoryacht-building yard in Saubaudia. That operation’s first acquisition a decade or so ago was the similar nearby Posillipo operation in the same town. Then getting on for two years ago it then acquired high-performance composite builder Italcraft, which is located just outside the historic port of Gaeta, and then 18 months or so ago it added to that wooden motoryacht builder Diano, which is based in Riva Trigoso, and the InRizzardi group branding emerged.
More recently, autumn ’07 saw the build-up strategy intensify. The group expanded its interests still further with the acquisition of three more boatbuilders -- aluminium and steel ship/yacht builder Cantieri Santa, which has operations in La Spezia, traditional ‘gozzo’ fishing craft builder Cantieri Parisi, and RIB builder BAT.
All that adds up to quite a portfolio.
The Rizzardi range presently includes five basic InCRedible powercruisers models — the CR45, the CR50, theall-new CR55 Top Line, CR63 Top Line/Hard Top, and the CR73 Hardtop.
Then at the moment the Posillipo line-up includes six Technema flybridge models — the 65, 70, 80, 85, which was new at Genoa ’06, 95, which was new for Genoa ’05, 105 and the new flagship 120.
The Italcraft open and hardtop cruiser models are the Sarima, new Sarima PI, which is actually an offshore racer, the X54, Drago 70 and Maxi Drago 105, an extended and facelifted version of the one and only Speedo Surfrunner 95 that the yard delivered two and a half years ago.
Being a wooden motoryacht builder, the Diano production tends to be a custom affair between 20-33m (66-108ft). However, there is one declared model, the 24m (80ft) Diano 24.
As for the recent additions, Cantieri Parisi builds smaller gozzo models.
BAT builds RIBs from 5m (16ft) all the way to very large ones to around 20m (66ft).

InRizzardi posted sales of €48 million in ’04, €54 million in ’05, €78 million in 2006, and, excluding contributions from its latest acquisitions, the tally was in the region of €98 million for 2007... 

Based in Santa Margherita Ligure, Cantieri Santa traditionally builds in steel and aluminium. But Rizzardi is busy developing a new Santa range of displacement and semi-displacement yachts for that operation. Santa 27, 36, 43 and 50 concepts are being worked up, where the designations are in metres. The first new Santa should launch for summer ’09.
While on the subject of product development, there are two other significant big models in build currently. Both are composite projects, designed by the Galeazzi & Minotti studio, best known for its longstanding interior work with Azimut. There is the Technema 90, a flybridge motoryacht, and the Italcraft 90, a hard-top express cruiser. The latter is said to be a particularly ground-breaking design.
InRizzardi posted sales of €48 million in ’04, €54 million in ’05, €78 million in 2006, and, excluding contributions from its latest acquisitions, the tally was in the region of €98 million for 2007. And the forecast for ’08, including the new additions, should be around the €110 million mark. Steady progress.
The total metreage of delivered yachts over the past few years tells the same story – ‘03 394m (1,291ft), ’04 554m (1,818ft), ’05 626m (2,052ft), ’06 (2,480ft) 853m, (2,800ft) in ’07 and should deliver close to 915m (3,000ft) of vessels in ’08.
As for units, and excluding the latest acquisitions, InRizzardi’s ’07 €98 turnover was derived from the sale of around 45 boats — roughly €60 million from 18 boats from its Rizzardi and Posillipo operations, €20 million from Italcraft, and three Dinaos to a value of €18 million.
Moreover, the forward-order book for the group is now said to be well in excess of €100 million.
Generally half of the InRizzardi Group sales are outside Italy. The best markets are Greece, which is said to be extremely good just now, Spain, Croatia and France. But the company is also dealing with strong enquiry levels from the Middle East, South America, Russia and China.
Overall the group employs some 420 people directly, but would normally have twice that number on its premises at any one time. The major shareholder is president Gianfranco Rizzardi, who drives the business with his two sons Damiano and Corrado.
“We’re effectively a brand train,” says President Gianfranco Rizzardi. “And we’re building up speed fast… All the individual brands will be strengthened as a result.”

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