YARD UPDATE '08: Otam...

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YARD UPDATE '08: Otam...

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Half a dozen high-performance powercruisers a year from the boutique Italian yard…


For the past couple of years based close to the airport in Genoa, Otam first started building motorboats some 50 years ago in Santa Margherita, where it still has a few berths and a service facility. The operation currently offers a range of three high-performance express cruisers from 13.7-24m (45-80ft) – the 10-year-old Heritage 45 Open, which was restyled this year, the eight-year-old Millennium 55 Hardtop and the Record 80 Hardtop, the first and thus far only one of which delivered three years ago.

'The company sells direct, so has no dealer network...' 

Around 20 of the Heritage 45s have delivered to date and Millennium 55s number 20 and 21 hand over imminently.
As a guide, the Heritage 45 is priced from €890,000, the Millennium 55 from €1.98 million, and the Record 80 from €5 million. Depending on exngine options, Otams usually deliver maximum speeds in excess of 50 knots.
A fourth Otam model, probably to be designated as a 65, is claimed to be under development. The first of those should splash in summer ’09.
Owing to the models’ performance, the main competitors are deemed to be Magnum and Pershing. They were designed technically by Paolo Martin, but styled inside and out by the builder’s own in-house team lead by president Ugo Casa, whose brother-in-law is the major shareholder.
Otam averages five to six boats delivered a year.
The company sells direct, so has no dealer network. Consequently most of its sales tend to be to Italians, although the odd boat inevitably also gets delivered to the Cote d’Azur, Spain and Greece. One even got shipped to the USA a few years ago.

For more, www.otam.it.
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