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New-build superyachts...

MARCH 2008

These days the JFA Shipyard concentrates on new-build work, although in the past it’s served as a refit operation also. Located roughly 100km east of Brest and 50km west of Lorient on the Brittany peninsular in Concarneau, its capabilities are extensive. Aluminium is probably its favoured construction material, but then steel, cold-moulding, strip-planking and composites are all claimed to be within the yard’s grasp.
The yard has the capacity to cope with vessels up to around 70m (230ft) in length and with maximum draughts of up to 6.00m (20ft) outside along its own large quay. Then it has its own slipway and 2,000-ton synchrolift. And will accommodate yachts up to 55m (180ft) under cover in its main hall. In all there is well over 1,450 square-metres of new workshops. Employing directly a professional workforce of around 30 or so people, the yard claims that it can cope with just about all the specialisations of modern superyacht building, but then anything that its in-house team cannot provide is certain to be found at a host of tried and trusted specialist subcontractors all over the Brittany peninsular.

'Frédéric Jaouen: “There are two projects currently in hand and several other projects are at different stages of negotiation. We have a large motoryacht project close to signing too...”' 

“There are two projects currently in hand,” says Frédéric Jaouen. “And several other projects are at different stages of negotiation… We have a large motoryacht project close to signing too.”
The furthest progressed is a 27.4m (90ft) aluminium motorsailer. Designed by Joubert/Nivlet/Goeffers, she features a Dick Young interior. Delivery is scheduled for early ’09.
The second project is a Berret/Racoupeau-designed aluminium ‘hard chine’ sailing yacht with twin rudders. Metal cutting commences in May this year and delivery to her French client is scheduled for late ’09.
JFA has had several prominent launches over the years.
JFA’s biggest o date was Bystander, a Vripack-designed escort vessel for the classic J-Class yacht Valsheda. Steel was steel/aluminium and boasted a Dick Young interior. She measured 138ft overall and left the yard in late ’06, not long after she picked up a Superyacht Society Award for the best 32-43m (105-141ft) motoryacht in ’07.
At about the same time the yard also managed to deliver Atao, an 25m (82ft) sloop with aluminium hull and wooden superstructure. Designed by Barracuda Yacht Design and boasting a Dick Young interior, she took two years to build.
Going back a little further there was the 26m (86ft) Joubert-Nivelt/Kubis-designed Sea Tenareze, a prepreg composite sailing cat. Based some 70km from JFA, CDK laminated her hull, but JFA finished the job. She left in ’04.
There are four shareholders in JFA — general manager Frédéric Jaouen, marketing and communication manager Brigitte Jaouen, technical manager Frederic Breuilly and project manager Michel Siou. The yard got going in ’93 following receipt of an order to build a 22.9m (75ft) aluminium sailing yacht.

For more, www.jfa-yachts.com.

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