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One of the world’s top five cat builders; 45 boats a year…

MARCH 2008

What we now know as Nautitech Catamarans, now probably one of the world’s top five cruising catamaran builders in terms of units, was created only in ’02, although the brand is a little bit older. The first Nautitechs were built in the ‘90s by what was then Groupe Dufour, which was at the time being driven by Olivier Poncin, who of course is now at the helm of Groupe Poncin that owns Nautitech competitor Catana.
The Nautitech company of today came about when owner-PDG Bruno Voisard acquired rights to the brand and assorted tooling, meaning the moulds for what used to be the Nautitech 395, 435, 475 and 82.
Today the Nautitech range includes three models. Voisard’s first model was the Nautitech 40, a redesign based on the old Nautitech 395 hull. The first of those went into the water in ’03 and thus far 20 have been delivered. A year later saw the introduction of the Nautitech 47, a similar model makeover. The yard recently handed over the 25th of those. However, it wasn’t long before the company had acquired sufficient momentum to start developing its own new models. The all-new Nautitech 44 arrived in ’06 and 20 of those have thus far completed. And a new Nautitech 52 is under development; the launch of the first 52 is unlikely before late ‘09. The lates Nautitechs are the work of Mortain & Mavrikios in association with the yard’s in-house team.
As a guide to prices, the Nautitech 40 starts at €261,000, the 44 at €336,000 and the 47 at €425,000.

'The ‘07/08 mix should be, say, 10 47s, 15 44s and 20 40s, which would mean a turnover in excess of €12 million...' 

Nautitech’s structure is a little complicated. Its head office is in Nantes and it owns its own yard in Perigny, La Rochelle. However, only the 40 and 44 are fitted out in-house. A subcontractor in Marans laminates the 40 and 44. And a contract builder in Lorient builds the 47.
As for units, the company’s export manager Marie-Dominique Gogly says she expects the company to deliver around 45 boats during ‘08, and the operation is gearing up and up all the time. Moreover, the plan is to be doing 60 a year by 2010.
The ‘07/08 mix should be, say, 10 47s, 15 44s and 20 40s, which would mean a turnover in excess of €12 million. Last year’s turnover was around €8 million on the sale of some 30 boats and the year before it was about €6 million on an estimated 22-24.
It sells directly in France. But around 80 per cent of Nautitechs are delivered outside France, 65-70 per cent of which would normally be ‘non-French’. Certainly it has distributors in place all over the world, but says it is currently looking for representatives in Denmark and Norway. And it would also welcome approaches from most areas in South America. It recently sold a Nautitech 40 to China and a Nautitech 47 to Japan.
Generally Nautitech used to do a lot with the charter sector, but private owner interest is on the increase. At the moment the split is two-thirds charter, one third.
Nautitechs biggest competitor is cited as marketleader Lagoon for the 40 and 44, but its 47 is probably position higher than an equivalent from the Groupe Bénéteau stable.
For more, www.nautitech.fr.

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