YARD UPDATE ‘09: Alliaura Marine...

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YARD UPDATE ‘09: Alliaura Marine...

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Beyond a €10 million investment in a new facility in Lanester, near Lorient, and a new headquarters near Le Mans, the operation is busy developing three new models, including the group’s first real superyacht.


Despite slow-market conditions all over the world, France's Alliaura Marine is still gearing up for growth. Not only is it busy reorganising its production to make use of a substantial new facility that has just come on stream this year, but also it has three major new models under development.
The first new model to be seen will be the new Privilege 515 cruising cat, which is due for a model simultaneous debut at the La Rochelle and Cannes ’09 shows in September. She slots into the group’s Privilege portfolio that presently includes the 445, 495, 615 and the €3.5 million or so 745 ‒ four of which incidentally have delivered since the first one went into the water in March ‘06.

'The Privilege 955 is a real superyacht... The design will be unveiled at the 2009 Monaco Yacht Show... The first one's scheduled to complete for the end of 2010...'

Then comes what is unarguably the group’s most ambitious new model, a new Marc Lombard-designed 29m (95ft). She will be the Privilege 955, a rendering of which is shown here. Delivery of the first one of those is scheduled to complete at the end of 2010.
The Feeling monohull cruiser portfolio is being developed also. A new Feeling 48 is in the pipeline for late 2010 debut also. It will fill a gap in the existing offering that includes the Feeling 32, 36, 39, 44, new 52, which you may recall is a late ’08 reworking of the flagship 55, which was first shown at Paris ‘07. It is said the new 48 will have similar lines to the Feeling 44, but conceptually will be more akin to the 55. Incidentally three 55s are already sailing and the 4th is nearing completion. Only one 52 has thus far been completed.
The older Feeling 32 and 36 were designed by M Joubert and P Roséo, the 39 is a Philippe Briand design and the 44 came from Mortain & Mavrikios. However, the new Feeling 48 and the 52/55 are the work of Philippe Cabon, who heads up the group’s own Altres Design office.
As for the reorganisation, the major component is a new €10 million plant in Lanester, close to Lorient in Brittany. Building works are well progressed with that facility. The first stage, which includes assembly and carpentry areas, will be operational from September ‘09. It will begin work on the bigger models, namely the Feeling 52 and 55 and the Privilège 745. Some work-in-progress hulls and decks of these models will be transferred to Lanester during this summer. The GRP building on that site should be operational at the beginning of 2010, which will allow the site to begin complete production cycles for various models during the 2010 year.
Alliaura Marine’s original site in Les Sables d'Olonne will continues to build the rest of the Feeling and Privilege ranges. But production is being would down at its old site in Château d'Olonne (close to Les Sables d’Olonne), with a view to ceasing completely by December ‘09.
And if that were not enough, its head office has moved to an impressive building (below) in Saint Pavace, which is roughly between Lorient and Les Sables d’Olonnes, and close to Le Mans, the famous motor-racing town. All of the group’s administrative functions will be installed there by July 2009.
Beyond the Feeling and Privilege ranges, Alliaura Marine also owns the Tresco yard in Chateau d’Olonnes, which custom builds and has its own range of superyacht tenders and runabouts, the Tresco 7.50, 8.50 and 9.50. The Tresco yard is managed by Altres Design boss Philippe Cabon.
For ‘07/08 year Alliaura Marine’s turnover was around €24 million, similar to the year before. Approximately a third of that came from the group’s domestic market, a third from the rest of Europe, and a third from the rest of the world. The unit tally then was around 70-75 boats a year — roughly 15 Privileges, something approaching 50 Feelings and a handful of the Trescos.
No forecast is available for this year yet.
Employing a total of 250, the group is owned by Alain Rabineau and managed by his daughter Lisa.

For more, www.alliaura.com.

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