YARD UPDATE ‘09: Jongert...

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YARD UPDATE ‘09: Jongert...

Yard Updates

The Dutch yacht yard, which was saved from bankruptcy in June, has since recommenced its commercial activities, promoting the operation’s new-build and refit capabilities, and has been rewarded with an order for a 24m all-aluminium sailing yacht, a Jongert 2400M. Photo: Evert J Bruinekool.


The syndicate that mounted the rescue of Jachtwerf Jongert consists of three companies ‒ the VeKa Group, a commercial shipbuilder concentrating on inland and coastal craft, Werkina Werkendam, maritime electro-technical systems specialist, and real-estate developer DHVG Schiedam. The new shareholders all have a very sound financial base, which is what Jongert needs most.
Jongert used to employ around 150 people and the new owners are confident the yard will soon be employing even more.
Beyond its offices and workshops, Jongert’s modern facilities in Wieringermeer consist of three assembly halls of 60x25m (197x82ft) with workable heights of 18m (59ft). But such is the site location that one or all three could be extended to 100m (328ft) if necessary, so there is no real capacity constraints on how big the operation could build, save for draught restrictions on the Ijsselmeer which would perhaps dictate some sort of barge arrangement for really big launches.
Jongert moved to Wieringermeer from its original canalside site in the middle of Medemblik in order to build bigger boats. The Wieringermeer site, which includes a marina and the yard’s own quay, was actually reclaimed for the purpose of relocating Jongert. The costs of that move played their part in Jongert’s bankrutcy, although the yard had had ‘issues’ for some years prior to the move.
Predominantly building sailing yachts in aluminium between 20-45m (66ft-148ft), the yard had on the face of it enjoyed significant success, particularly a few years ago while it was being represented exclusively by Herbert Dahm and Dahm International. Things were never quite the same after that fall-out, however, which saw Jongert take full control of its own sales and marketing.
Getting on for 350 yachts have been launched by Jachtwerf Jongert since it began back in ‘53, almost 170 of which are true ‘Jongert-branded’ sailing yachts.
The yard was under the control of Jan Jongert until last year. The managing director that led the company up to the receivership was Joreon Koot, who was appointed by a firm or investors that acquired the yard, which was already in big trouble, from the Jongert family. Koot is believed to be leading the new management team.

Basic spec ‒ Jongert 2400M...
LOA: 24.30m (79ft 8in)
Length Over Deck: 24.04m (78ft 10in)
LWL: 21.26m (69ft 9in)
Beam: 6.48m (21ft 3in)
Draught: 3.00m (9ft 10in)
Displacement: 58 tonnes (127,600lbs)
Max Speed (Engine): 11.2 knots
Max Cruise (Engine): 8.4 knots
Range @ Max Cruise: 1,600nm
Mast & Boom: Aluminium ‒ for fully battened mainsail
Mast Length: 33.18m (108ft 10in)
Boom Length: 10.3m (33ft 9in)
Rigging: Nitronic Rod
Mainsail: 148 square-metres (1,592 square-feet)
Staysail: 73 square-metres (785 square-feet)
Genoa (120 per cent): 153 square-metres (502 square-feet)
Main Engine: 144kW (196 hp) Steyr
Generator: 19.8kW Kohler
Bowthruster: Hydraulic, 18kW Pivoting
Fuel: 4,600 litres (1,216 US gals)
Water: 2,000 litres (529 US gals)
Watermaker: HEM, 3,000 litres/day (793 US gals/day)
Waste Water: Hamann Super-Mini
Service Batteries: 24V/1,000Amp-hours
Start Batteries: 2 x 12V/55Amp-hours
Battery Chargers: Mastervolt
‒ 2 x 24V/100A, 3 x 400V-50Hz
‒ 1 x 12V/2x15A, 1x230V-50Hz
AC & DC Distribution: Jongert
Guests: Six in three cabins
Crew: Two in one cabin
Construction: Aluminium
Naval Architect: Doug Peterson
Exterior/Interior Design: Jongert Design Team

For more, www.jongert.nl.

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