Five projects in hand at Proteksan-Turquoise...

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Five projects in hand at Proteksan-Turquoise...

Yard Updates

Sizes range from 55.4-72.6m (182-238ft).

MAY 2010

Turkish operation Proteksan-Turquoise presently has five projects at various stages of construction.
The most advanced of those is Baraka, formerly ‘NB51’. She is a steel/aluminium displacement project weighing in at 860 tonnes and with a Francesco Paszkowski interior. She went into the water in April and will officially depart in June.
This leaves behind ‘NB49’, which is a 60.2m (198ft), the 55.4m Turquoise (182ft), the 70.5m (231ft) Talisman II and the 72.6m (238ft) ‘NB54’. One of these will launch this year. The others are for 2011-12.
These days the operation has two of its own yards. They are at Golcuk and Pendik, near Istanbul. Up until a few years ago it’s build programmes were managed within RMK Marine facilities in Tuzla.

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