Superyacht refit upgrade for Orams Marine Services...

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Superyacht refit upgrade for Orams Marine Services...

Yard Updates

The Auckland, New Zealand yard has a stronger slipway and new 90m work berth.


Orams Marine Services on Viaduct Basin, Auckland, New Zealand, recently upgraded its 600-tonne slipway. The first down the new ramp was the 40m (131ft) superyacht Janice of Wyoming (above and below), which had been in the yard for substantial service, maintenance and paint works. Next up the new ramp was the 53m (174ft) sloop Erica XII (bottom), in for service and maintenance works.
Managing director Craig Park says the rebuilt slipway will enable the yard to more efficiently haul out the larger superyachts that have been built over recent years.
“This upgrade will increase our tonnes-per-metre capability,” Park explains. “With improved design and technology superyachts are being built longer and heavier, although keel foots haven’t increased in size; most are still no more than 7m... On the slipway the keel takes 100 per cent of the vessel weight and our new facility will more evenly spread the load... Although the yard was busy over the winter period, it was the best time for the work to be completed and bookings are steady with projections indicating a busy period ahead.”
Park also advised that running parallel with the slipway project is completion of a 90m (295ft) work berth, which will further broaden the range of vessels that can be handled in the yard. The first superyacht to use this facility will be one of the world's largest sailing yachts, the 88m (289ft) Athena, which arrives in January for a six-month-long spell of works.
“With Auckland rapidly gaining a reputation as the superyacht hub for the South Pacific, we’re confident the demand for additional service and refit infrastructure will steadily increase,” says Craig Park.

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