Two launching ceremonies for CRN this week...

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Two launching ceremonies for CRN this week...

Yard Updates

One’s a 43m and the other’s a 60m.

MARCH 2011

The Ferretti Group’s CRN operation in Ancona has a big week ahead.
Its first launch ceremony is tomorrow, March 22, for Lady Trudy, the seventh 43m (141ft) all-composite Navetta 43.
Then Saturday, March 26, will see the launching ceremony of the 60m (197ft) steel/aluminium ‘CRN130’, whose name for now remains a secret.
At the moment CRN has eight CRN-branded yachts in progress on its quays: five steel/aluminum projects ‒ the 80m (262ft) CRN129, which can be seen in the foreground of the accompanying pictures, the 58m (190ft) CRN125, and three 60m (197ft) projects (CRN130, CRN133, CRN128) and three all-composite models ‒ two Navetta 43s and a 40m (131ft) ‘CRN128’, the model designation of which should not be confused with the previously mentioned yard numbers.
Plus there are seven composite Custom Lines models nearing completion at the yard.

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