Viudes 45m shipped from Barcelona to Mondo Marine...

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Viudes 45m shipped from Barcelona to Mondo Marine...

Yard Updates

She will be finished there by the Savona, Italy-based yard’s Refit & Repair Division.

JULY 2011

Today a part-finished 45m (148ft) 499GT Viudes 45, designed by Isonaval, has successfully been unloaded at Mondo Marine’s yard in Savona, Italy. The yacht, which is to be finished there by its Refit & Repair Division, was transported from Viudes Yachts in Port Vell, Barcelona, by the 100m (328ft) or so as deck cargo aboard S Marco Shipping's Storm.
Unloading the 9.5m 31(ft) beam motoryacht onto land involved some careful manoeuvring. Work went on throughout the day.
She will be launched in 2012.
Mondo Marine is surprisingly busy – beyond plenty of refit and repair work, it is working on five new-build projects presently. The yard’s facilities cover a waterfront area of some 35,500m² (382,119ft²). Available facilities include a 100m (330ft) jetty, an 820-tonne (1,810,000lbs) travel-hoist, which is one of the largest in the Med, plus a 300-tonne (663,000lbs) cradle.

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