Major expansion at DSV Yachts...

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Major expansion at DSV Yachts...

Yard Updates

The Turkish yard has extended its facilities; its biggest shed is now 200m long and, as you can see here, the keel has already been laid for what will become the world’s biggest super-schooner.


Following the decision to go ahead with construction of the 141m (462ft) wooden four-mast schooner concept designed and styled by Ken Freivokh Design and Dykstra and Partners, Dream Ship Victory (DSV) has been busy expanding its main facilities outside Marmaris, which is on Turkey's south coast. Indeed the super-schooner’s keel has already been laid in the massive new construction hall.
DSV’s main hall is now 200m (656ft) long and it is flanked by two further sheds, each capable of accommodating yachts up to 80m (262ft). The main shed in its present form can accommodate up to 160m (525ft) yacht, plus all the appropriate offices and support infrastructure.
Beyond the super-schooner, DSV’s work-in-progress also includes the 55m (180ft) Princess Maria and the 43m (141ft) Imagination projects, while the 63m (207ft) Mikhail S Vorontsov is nearing completion at its fitting out base, the Balk Shipyard in Urk, Netherlands.
DSV’s CEO and driving force is Valeriy Stepanenko.

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