Tuzla, Turkey-based Mengi Yay yard on track with ‘Extreme’...

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Tuzla, Turkey-based Mengi Yay yard on track with ‘Extreme’...

Yard Updates

She’s a 40m flybridge sloop designed by Jaron Ginton and she's to get a Guido de Groot interior.

MARCH 2012

SY Extreme is on track at the Mengi Yay yard in Tuzla, Turkey. The steel hull and aluminium supertsructure of this 40m (131ft) flybridge sloop are almost complete and fit-out will soon begin. She was designed by Ginton Naval Architects and will get a mostly light/dark oak interior conceived by Guido de Groot. And she is under the project management of Uri Rotshtain’s Yacht-Marine,
Despite her size, she should sail well. Her rig is huge. The mast height is 52m (171ft) and there’s over 60 tonnes of ballast to compensate.
She is being built to RINA commercial classification rules and delivery is scheduled for spring ’13.

For more, www.ginton.com, www.guidodegroot.com and www.yacht-marine.com

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